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Superbowl 2019!

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

It's here, and the time has come. It's time for your Superbowl party to be hyed! Get some great party ideas from food to decor and even a quick little game after the half time show. We hope you win...Hike!

England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams

The Decor

Well, this will be a pretty obvious one - but we're going to tackle it anyway! Of course you want to fill your surroundings with the winning team, YOUR TEAM! You want to send that good juju and team spirit, straight through the television.

If you feel like you never know where to start, begin with the necessities. Plates, utensils, napkins, cups etc. Not everything will have your team logo blasted on them, but definitely stick with the color schemes.

Now just because it is football, does not mean you have to surrounded by testosterone, don't be afraid to had a feminine touch with center pieces. Grab some flowers that reflect your team colors, grab your vase's ( if you don't have any, your local .99 store will do! ), and incorporate some fun size football related props in between. With personal touches as such, it gives your guest the instant feeling of "feeling special". It's a welcoming and refreshing vibe that makes your guest want to be there and appreciating your hospitality.

Last but not least, your actual surroundings. Banners, signs, hanging streamers, ballons can be the final touch of bringing everything together. Lets face it, if you can't be at the Super Bowl, so why not create your own. Use Madri Gra necklaces to scatter around your tables and furniture, more football props, purchase some blow horns if you want to be heard, and create your photo back drop - because it's always about the photos.


Now to what really matters...the food! There is no party without food, I repeat - NO PARTY WITHOUT FOOD! Food options definitely depend on the size of your party, but these essentials are a must for your Super bowl - Chips and dip,"clean" finger foods (chicken wings, mini meatballs, sliders, jalapeno poppers etc.) veggie and/or fruit platter. If you are larger party with 10+ guest, you want to still have your simple grab and eat options, but you should implement dishes such as pasta (spaghetti, lasagna), taco station with variety of meats, pasta salad, and shrimp cocktail. These dishes are easier to make or buy in larger quantity, easy for self serving, and will up hold through out the day. And if you are fortunate to have an outside space, hopping on the grill is always a plus. Having your guest contribute with bringing different types of meats (hot links, hamburgers, chicken, ribs) will be cost efficient on the host, and still have an on going supply. Touchdown!!


So, in most cases, the Super Bowl party will be the entertainment in it self. Unless you are just as interested in the commercials as the game, you can que your music to play in between the game and during halftime, after the halftime show. Music will always your idle time savior and a huge component on keeping the party going. If it's a more intimate group, you can always pull out a quick social game such as Cards against Humanity or Rotten Apples. On a more interactive side, and the space permits, pull out the beer pong!

I hope this entry has brought some game time party inspiration and great juju! As LA natives we are going to sign off with a big LETS GO RAMS!

Yours truly,

Tauri Red Events

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