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Tauri Red

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Hello followers!

Welcome to Tauri Red Events. We would simply like to introduce ourselves. What is Tauri Red, you may ask? Tauri, pronounced (tär-ree), is of latin origin that derives from the zodiac sign Taurus. Yes, you guessed it - Our Director and Head Coordinator Kalise Johnson is a Taurus; and the Taurus represents the bull.

If you don't know too much about Taureans, here are some of their best qualities: productive, organized, loyal, punctual, generous, artistic, thorough, sensuous, persistent... I'm sure you get the point. With these qualities, Event Coordination and Planning came pretty natural. Her drive and PASSION, hence the 'red', is what brought Tauri Red Events to life.

Beginning with children's parties, the passion became stronger and bigger projects greeted her with open arms. From anniversary parties, corporate mixers, product and brand launches, charity and media events, award ceremonies, and fundraisers have all been creations that Tauri Red Events cannot wait to deliver for you.

We are so excited to make your experience more personal and engaging through our blog. Anticipate to indulge in behind the scenes of events, DIY projects, fashion, style, and more.

We are so grateful and appreciate every ounce of support! Thank you in advance for choosing

Tauri Red Events!

Yours Truly,

The Team

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