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Whose Date Night Is It Anyway?!

Valentine's Day is near, and we're sure that 50% of our couples just can't wait! and the other 50% feel shear torture!!..."Ugh, this again?" Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated holidays in the United States, from both the consumers and profiteers. But as we've all agreeably accepted, Valentines Day has definitely been marketed with "Treat the love of your life" campaigns, followed up with engagement rings, and heart shaped jewelry. I think it is safe to say that it is a woman's holiday. For the woman, the girlfriend, the wife, your mother and most definitely for your daughters. But when will it actually be safe to ask, "What about the men?" Does the "love of your life" tag line include the men being showered with love, appreciation and gifts?

This could easily turn into an extensive research paper, but I would never bore you all like that! Tauri Red Events wants to show you how each party can feel considered, love, and appreciation; while having a blast, being romantic and looking good!!


Your Perfect Date

With the concept of love having so many definitions and with the culture of today’s society, we legitimately can ask, "does love still exist?" For many, it certainly does. Love can make you do and feel so many things, so when it comes to planning your first, second, third or (any date), it can become very stressful. We are going to dish out some ideas that would cater to the both of you, whether you would like to keep it simple & relaxing, be adventurous, or go all out luxurious!

Nice & Sweet

There are just those couples that don't really care that's its Valentines Day, but care for each other. They don't mind celebrating it with a simple agenda, and keeping it nice, and sweet. Valentine's Day will be celebrated during a weeknight once again this year and because of that, most couples are likely okay with doing something after work. That usually means, there will be huge crowds and a long wait time. If possible, plan ahead and arrange a half day, so you can be off by 4pm the latest. This will give you both time to go home, freshen up and be at your restaurant by 6:30pm.

If you’re in Los Angeles, here are a few dining selections.

Dining Suggestions: The Wallace, Il Cielos, Perch, The Little Door

After your lovely and delicious meal, you may just want to turn it in with a movie night with dim candle light and wine… But, if you want to keep the night going, the next activity should be something you both enjoy - which could be anything you have in common. Go as “common” as you would on your first date by doing things such as; enjoying music, dancing, gaming at the arcade, and comedy shows. Looking up local shows through Eventbrite, or your city's activity website, such as La Weekly provides you with endless results of what is happening in your surrounding area. There's also nothing like ending your night with laughter! Getting tickets to your city's most popular comedy club, which are very affordable. It’ll be a pretty funny way to end the night… pun intended. Laughter is the best medicine in all cases, and you will be walking out of there feeling light as a feather, and very in love.

Outing Suggestions: The Edison, El Floridita, The Study, EightyTwo, La Improv, Laugh Factory

Lets Get Physical!

Calling all health & wellness couples! This one is just for you. If you both are fortunate enough to take this week day off, or wouldn't mind celebrating on a weekend, do so! This date deserves early sunshine and a ready to go mentality. We're going to start your date off by playing into your fitness abilities and beginning the date with a little competitive fun. Rock climbing continues to become popular by the second, it gives you a challenge, and cater to majority of all fitness levels. You won't leave there too sweaty, you can still incorporate small talk, and your soreness won't kick in until 2 days after… you're welcome.

After a light lunch, we want to prevent that soreness as much as possible, so we are sending you to a day spa where you can shower, and meet back up with each other for a couples massage. There should be no time limit on the spa day, as there are other services you can indulge in; But just make sure you will be ready by 6pm for your murder mystery dinner. Yes, the adventure wasn't going to end with the rock climbing. Now you are going to dress up in your fly-est and sexiest outfits, and bring those heads together and find the suspect! You can enjoy a dinner just like this, at the popular bar and lounge The Next Door Lounge in Hollywood. Due to you already being at the lounge for dinner, you can decide to stay and end the night with some dance moves, during the live band, or DJ set. You can also end the night looking up at the stars and diving into some astronomy at the Griffith Observatory. If that wasn't adventurous enough for you, feel free to meet up with your best couple friends after dinner, and end your night with a late night Escape Room - Amityville horror style.

Swept off your feet...

Now this is going to be a hard when it comes to pleasing the men. Us women definitely want to be swept off our feet once in a while, and being swept off our feet during Valentine’s Day wouldn't hurt. We are a sucker for day dates and weekend getaways, but we do understand that not everyone's schedule can accommodate that. That certainly doesn't mean the luxuriousness depreciates (and you can still add in the weekend get away.)

Both of you can start romancing during your work hours by sending each other gifts. With all the access in the palm of your hands - flower arrangements, gift baskets, candy, stuffed animals, can all be set up a day or two before (some offer same day). After receiving your gifts, hand written note, or however you showcased your love; both of you will be eager and excited for the rest of the night. Men, though us ladies would like to trust you to arrange and get our things together for us - we don't. So since you are booking a hotel room, let your lady know to pack her things before work, because she won't be coming home.

If you really want to impress, have a rack of outfits that she can choose from, sent to the room. You've pretty much won the night, but you can't stop there. We are very tempted to go "Christian Grey" with the next move, but I will be more practical and suggest picking her up in a luxury car, with you in the back of it - we'll save the helicopter for next time. Though you won't be flying, you will be heading to dine pretty high in the sky at 71Above. Looking over Downtown La on the 71st floor of the first Interstate building with incredible views and a three-course meal to go along with it. Last but not least, the gift. For this type of night, jewelry is a must… sounds like a great night to propose.

Now that we have options, choose wisely. However, the purpose of the day is choose love first. May love prevail and everyone enjoys each other’s day of romance.

Happy Valentine's Day,

Tauri Red Events

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