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Welcome to CRAFTED x SOLES

Working, thinking and imagining as the Blueprint (Volume 1) plays in the back ground, is where the light bulb went off. The light of change, purpose, and confirmation is what was felt the moment CRAFTED x SOLES came to life.

CRAFTED x SOLES (pronounced; Crafted Soles) is a social recreational event that brings the galvanized, creator, entrepreneur, business owner, and collaborators all together bonding over one material item that will never go out of style…the sneaker. Using the popular

“Paint + Sip” concept, our attendees enjoy a pretty well rounded playlist over a signature cocktail (or two), refreshments and appetizers all while customizing their very own shoes.

Our CRAFTED x SOLES vision is achieved by customizing and re-designing shoes guided by our shoe customizing artist. Whether the shoe is new or worn, we want to encourage originality by customizing through color creation, color blocking and style. Creating walking masterpieces.

Customizer Kyle Nicholson (Customs by Kyle) lead our launch session. Every session will begin with a pre-customized shoe, that the lead artist created and will teach from. Instructed to learn brush techniques, color mixing and design - the creative juices begin to flow, and straying away from the model shoe, is fully encouraged. As summer is here - pastels, bright yellows and rich blues strive throughout the session within the sneakers.

CRAFTED x SOLES is more then just a shoe event – it’s a laboratory. Dedicated to promote creativity, social engagements and confidence, we inspire to unlock the artist from within – and we cannot wait for you to be apart of it.

Though we will be providing the best experience to our attendees, we wouldn't be able to do so without our leading artist. CRAFTED x SOLES is and will be a platform for shoe artist at any stage to promote their artistry and creativity as well as their business. Contact the Director and Head Coordinator, Kalise Johnson to host your CRAFTED x SOLES event.

Customizing Artist: Customs by Kyle

CRAFTED x SOLES is excited to become apart of a (sneaker) world full of uniqueness and evolution. We cannot wait to bring you MORE of this hands on experience.

Welcome to CRAFTED x SOLES.

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